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Storm/Hail Damage

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Insurance  Company Approved Roofing Contractors

The past few years have seen quite a bit of extreme weather resulting in an alarming amount of storm and hail damage to the roofs of many Fox Valley homes.  Add this to the rise in storm chasing contractors and you’ve no doubt had a conversation with your insurance company about storm or hail damage to your roof.

We’re approved and recommended by all major insurance companies and can work with them directly to get any damage caused by hail, wind or other elements fixed or replaced as soon as possible.


Beware of Roof Hail Damage Storm Chasers

If you’ve lived in the Fox Valley area for even a short time you’ve been bombarded by the storm chasers who blanket neighborhoods following storms or even reports of storms. They’ll offer to inspect your roof, then explain to you how your insurance will pay to repair the damage. They also will pressure you into signing a contract that limits you to using only their services – DON’T DO IT!

Not only do these companies operate on the fringes of illegal insurance fraud, they’re often up and gone over night chasing the next set of storms, leaving behind low paid sub-contractors who are paid only on volume. They have no warranties or reputation to ensure quality work and the warranty from the storm chasing companies is as likely to be honored as snow in June.

If these companies do alert you to the possibility of hail or storm damage thank them for their effort and tell them you’ll consider their estimates on the damage along with the estimates of other local roofing contractors.  Do not sign anything they put in front of you. We’ve spent a great deal of time fixing the damage companies like these leave behind and while we’re happy for the work we hate to see stress it puts on Fox Valley area homeowners.

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